For over 58 years (and 55,000 clients!), Robert Glasscock has been an astrologer consulting with clients from over 122 countries. For many years he authored over 250,000 words annually in “American Astrology Magazine’s” monthly and Annual Yearbook issues for Publisher Joanne Clancy. His writings for newspaper columns, magazine articles and anthologies have been cited by Liz Greene, among others. He’s been invited to speak to a variety of national conferences, conventions. forums and seminars – and political, professional, media, civic and religious organizations. He currently presents courses in his techniques for Kepler College.

4Sight orients people’s questions / situations in the present; then identifies and focuses on key dynamics going forward to extrapolate insights, overviews, alternatives, probable results of choices and actions, and timing.

  • Everything is derived from forecasting techniques and probability analysis refined through 58 years and more than 55,000 clients from all walks of life
  • Each individual analysis is presented objectively, clearly, confidentially. No technical jargon or "fillers.”
  • Practical paths to self-actualization, starting where you are right now.


That's why my clientele numbers over 55,000 people from 122 countries across 58 years – and why such specific, valuable  foreknowledge can serve and benefit you too! Astrology is made for people wanting to understand and rediscover their full identities in a world changing more rapidly than ever in human history . . . by understanding the natural cycles in which they were born.

Old Soul | New Soul

A Podcast With Robert Glasscock

Robert Glasscock saw his first astrology book in Pickwick Bookstore in Los Angeles as a 20-year old actor. From that first encounter, he has been practicing astrology for 58 years. He has conducted over 55,000 readings and authored over 250,000 words annually for “American Astrology Magazine." His writings have been cited by Liz Greene, among others. He also worked closely for several years with Linda Goodman, popular author of "Sun Signs."

Robert now brings his knowledge to the Podcast "Old Soul | New Soul Astrology with Robert Glasscock"


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