Astrology? In the 21st Century? Why?

What kinds of questions?

Important upcoming turning points · New avenues and times to realize goals · Career choices and changes · Relocation decisions · Major purchases and investments · Romance · Marriage / divorce / children · Lawsuits · Financial matters · Education and professional training.​

What Does 4Sight Provide?

4Sight provides objective, reliable, trustworthy and confidential advance knowledge to identify, analyze, anticipate and prioritize options – as well as to time initiatives and courses of action.

How do I use 4Sight?

As a Japanese businessman client told me 40 years ago: “I never let astrology stop me from doing what I really want to do; but I do let it choose the most optimal time to launch it.”

How much is it?

If unable to address your inquiry, I explain why (no fee).​ Choose a complete written analysis of a specific question ($99), or a recorded in-depth shared-screen consultation (average 90 mins-2hrs) ($199).

Can I reach out?

Reach out to 4Sight. Find out how astrology can benefit you through fully understanding your present situation and paths to the best possible outcomes. Let me hear from you. – it’s free to ask!

Ask Your Questions

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